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Bhagyanath Menon

Head, Claims

Ullat Bhagyanath Menon is popularly known as UB and, true to this name, is the ‘king of good times for his business partners’ says one of his clients.

His 23 years plus of experience across diverse businesses has empowered him with ability to cut through the chaff and get directly to the heart of the client’s issues. He combines this with his excellent communication and solution selling skills to add indispensable value to client relationships.

He has a strong strategic bent of mind which enables him to identify and exploit new business opportunities consistently. Throughout his career he has demonstrated that he possesses the expertise to make the play, the skill to run with the ball, and the commitment to see it through from end to end.

An avid net-worker, with engaging interpersonal abilities, he has developed a rich and diverse eco-system of associates and well-wishers over the years that he gains leverage from in the furtherance of his business goals.

A proactive leader and mentor, UB keenly understands the science, art and psychology of team development, knowing when to lead from the front by example, when to step aside and let the team forge ahead, and when to be the driving force from behind.