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Investment Advisor, RedLounge

Once a meticulous and crazy college student Raghav, began his journey as an Entrepreneur with RedLounge Wealth Management at the early age of 20. He made his mind to be an Entrepreneur at a tender age and currently is the youngest Entrepreneur in the vertical.

He is a Commerce Graduate and has pursued Diploma in Business Entrepreneurship and Management. Right now he is involved in providing financial advisory and portfolio management services to individual clients. Raghav is a Certified Advisor by the Association of Mutual Funds of India. He has very impressive communicating and negotiating skills. He is currently pursuing CFP- (Certified Financial Planner). His passion about financial markets and understanding the significance of investing in India, gave him the courage to make his first investment when he was just 18.

Lately, he is leading a training course- 'Entrepreneurs on Training’ for students who are ambitious to become an entrepreneur. It’s a programme for fresh graduates who have the potential to become Entrepreneurs in their preferred sectors. He believes in giving the same opportunity he had got when he was graduating. His main motive towards this programme is to build an excellent team for the organisation who are responsible and have a sense of unity.